Financial Transparency

Some online private schools cost upwards of $5,000 per year per student while paying teachers a minimal salary and lining the pockets of far away CEOs who don't even know or care about education as much as they care about profit. Here, our goal is pupils over profit.

That's why at Pillars of Peace Primary Partners the lion's share of student tuition goes directly towards teacher salaries so teachers can earn a fair wage. (It's hard to focus on teaching when you're worried whether you can keep your bills paid or your own kids fed.) There are no unions or forced union dues dipping their hand in the pot here either, so it is up to us to ensure teachers are treated fairly. This is why books are purchased separately (we don't make any money on the books as the full amount goes to the book suppliers) and are non-refundable. (However, you do get to keep your books, and you are free to sell any supplies you no longer wish to keep.) A small amount of student tuition goes towards administrative costs such as website upkeep, and a portion goes towards marketing so students know we exist and so we can keep our doors open.


  • K-5 curriculum costs are $120 for the year (add $15 for optional Sank Magic handwriting books for grades 2-5 [already included for K-1 students].)

  • Each family is also strongly encouraged to buy one Integer Block Kit ($81) to go with the math curriculum. The kit goes hand-in-hand with the curriculum. This is a one time purchase that can be used with multiple students for multiple years.

Student Tuition

Monthly: Tuition can be paid monthly for 10 months at $180/month per student. $160/month per each additional sibling.

Upfront discount: Tuition can be paid upfront at $1,700 per year per student ($100/year savings) or two $850 payments one month apart. ($1,600/year per each additional sibling when paid upfront).

Brain Integration Exercises Only: Some parents may already feel comfortable with the curriculums they are using but are interested in being supported with Brain Integration Therapy for their child(ren). In this case, we offer parents the option to have their student(s) join our full-time students for the daily Midline and Brain Training Exercises. Tuition for this service is $25/month per family (not per child).

**Note: I encourage parents who want help for their child with crossing the midline to seek the help of an occupational therapist. This type of therapy is usually covered by insurance and is individualized to fit the needs of the child. (I personally utilize occupational and speech therapy for my own children in addition to doing these exercises with them as home.)

How to Enroll

August 2022

We are currently developing a list of students who wish to begin in August of 2022. If you are interested in being placed on the list and contacted to complete the enrollment process, please complete this registration form: August 2022 start date.