Pillars of Peace

Primary Partners

A homeschool hybrid to help parents meet homeschool legal requirements.

A place where teachers and parents witness together to raise a child up in the way he should go.

About Us

Parents and kids need and deserve a high quality, flexible, applicable education without interference from government mandates and social agendas. Our aim is to create such an option by focusing on helping parents meet legal homeschooling requirements in an efficient (no busy work), semi-structured, yet flexible environment where they can feel supported while their children learn essential skills for life.

Our main goal is to guide children and parents through the homeschooling process from how to register through end-of-year evaluations and everything in between. We want to provide certified teachers who want out of politically charged schools with the opportunity to use curriculums and strategies that actually work, especially for children who have “fallen through the cracks” of other schooling methods.

The goal is to create a virtual school environment that is student-focused, supports parents and teachers, and benefits society as whole by encouraging a love of learning and resourcefulness, doing right by all involved, and encouraging a community of reciprocity.

About me and Pillars of Peace

Hello! My name is Alona Hirsh. I am a mother of 3 young children and have homeschooled them since 2016. I'm also a certified elementary teacher with a Master's in Special Education. I have tutored and taught a variety of ages and abilities since 2013. I was inspired to found Pillars of Peace Primary Partners after hearing from many concerned parents regarding the current shift we see in public and even private schools. It became apparent that many parents wanted to homeschool their children, but once they looked at the Pennsylvania legal requirements for homeschooling, they felt overwhelmed. Yet, the curriculums offered even in some private schools seemed to have a very political agenda that many considered inappropriate in the school setting.

“Pillars of Peace” refers to the peaceful and encouraging nature expected of teacher to student interactions and how we can peacefully be set apart while we live in the world but are not of the world. “Primary” refers to the grade levels. This is generally considered elementary grades 1-5. However, we will accept kindergarten level and offer support to parents of our students who have Pre-K aged students that parents want to begin teaching. (The compulsory school attendance age in most states is generally no younger than age 6, so ages 6-11 will be our main target market since we want to help parents meet state homeschool requirements.) “Partners” refers to how the teachers at our school partner with parents. This is not a program where parents send their children off and are uninvolved in their child’s education. On the contrary, parents play a significant role in helping students complete assignments in the safety of their own homes with the virtual support of our teachers.